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Why Choose Ready Inspection?

With over 24 years of experience in the building industry and an eye for the details. We have transferred years of experience and knowledge into a modern Utah Home Inspection you can trust. You can feel confident with your decision after you receive a Ready Inspection Report. We are licensed, insured and approved by the Utah Board of Realtors. We promise to give you an inspection report you can trust.

Additional Thermal Imaging and Total Gas Leak Detection Test With Your Inspection.

We want to offer you thermal imaging of every major system connected to your home and give you an honest assessment explaining the current state of each. We also test every gas line connection and appliance for flammable gas and carbon monoxide at no additional cost to you. This is a $249 value.

Same Day Utah Home Inspections Available

In today’s housing market, time is invaluable and we understand the importance of being ready and available. Your dream home awaits. We are located in the central Salt Lake Valley and ready to serve your needs. Contact us as soon as possible for a possible same day inspection.

Ready Inspection Utah Home Inspection

You Deserve The Best

We have experience in every facet of homebuilding. From the rock foundation supporting a 100 year old home in the avenues of Salt Lake to the metal roof protecting a brand new home in Eagle Mountain, we have hands on experience. With over 24 years in the residential building industry, you can trust us to provide an accurate, up to date inspection. A Utah home inspection is unique. We recognize that.

Thermal Imaging Assessment Included

Modern technology has given us the ability to see what we couldn’t see before. Utilizing modern thermal imaging technology we are now able to see potential issues related to costly home systems like your furnace, water heater, or air conditioner and electrical boxes. These images also show hidden air leaks around doors and windows which are major contributing factors to the energy efficiency of a house. If a small water leak is behind a wall or seeping into a foundation, this technology gives us a better chance of discovering it. We can see potential costly repairs before they become a serious problem.

Ready Inspection Thermal Imaging | Utah Home Inspection
Ready Inspection Combustable Gas Test

Complimentary Combustable Gas And Carbon Monoxide Test

We want you to have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of a property so we are going to test all gas connections with high-tech equipment much more sensitive than the human nose. This also includes a carbon monoxide level reading in every basement room near the furnace. Safety is our main concern. We will go above and beyond the industry standards of practice in order to to provide the best home inspection for you and your loved ones. The safety of a home is often overlooked in a home inspection. At Ready Inspection, we value your safety as much as ours which is why we want to take the extra time to provide this service at no extra cost to you.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Training and education are very important. Experience is valuable when it comes to inspecting the many systems that make up a healthy home. We are trained to find the smallest issues that could eventually lead to bigger problems down the road. These things could impact your wallet or, more importantly, your safety. We are here to make you aware of any risks involved with either. Our long history has given us an advantage in determining the performance of all home systems and what you can expect moving forward. We guarantee your satisfaction with a thorough and modern home inspection report. We also offer a follow up inspection service so you may never have to face the unexpected when it comes to your dream home.

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